Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance are famous award-winning American actresses and actors. The couple has been together since the mid-1980s, they chose to focus on their professions and not have kids any time soon.

    After so many unsuccessful IVF attempts, the couple decided to opt for surrogacy and move forward with the process and after years they were blessed with fraternal twins Bronwyn Golden Vance and Slater Josiah Vance on 27 Jan 2006.

    Let us go through Bronwyn Vance age details in this article.

    Here’s everything you need to know about Bronwyn Golden Vance

    Bronwyn Vance age was born in California, USA, on 27 January 2006. She is an American star kid and belongs to African – American descent. She’s Christian and she turned 17 this year (2023).

    At just the age of 16 years old, Bronwyn began raising funds for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society ( LLS). The campaign raised more than $50,000 within seven weeks and earned the title of Los Angeles Team Member of the Year.


    • Father: Courtney Vance
    • Mother: Angela Bassett
    • Siblings: Slater Josiah Vance
    • Maternal Grandparents: Daniel Benjamin Bassett and Betty Jane Bassett
    • Grandparents: Conroy Vance and Leslie Vance
    • Aunts – D’ Nette Bassett and Cecilie Vance


    Bronwyn Vance studies in Los Angeles. She is an excellent student and has excelled in academics. Angella Bassett and Courtney Vance have always emphasized the importance of knowledge and education and encouraged Bronwyn to focus on her studies. Bronwyn is a hardworking student and also good in other co-curricular activities.


    Bronwyn is passionate about dance and she is trained in many dance forks. She has musical interests and she also likes art. She loves to play instruments like piano and guitar.

    She also likes to rap and has a keen interest in jazz and other genres of music. Bronwyn loves her mother’s movie Soul and appreciates her work in the movie. She aspires to become like her one day.

    Future plans

    Bronwyn is just 17 years old and is still exploring different options to figure out her future. However, she has expressed her interest in dance and is also trained in many dance forms including ballet, jazz, hip hop, music, and art, and can also pursue a career in acting.

    In conclusion

    Bronwyn Golden Vance is a young cheerful girl who has shown great potential and talent in a variety of activities like dancing and acting. She has grown up in the shadow of her famous parents.

    However, she is a talented person and will surely achieve success in whatever she chooses to do in the future, with the support of her parents.